Fresh Christmas Greenery Delivered

This Christmas, every Christmas, your family deserves a celebration that they’ll remember for all time. Each year that passes we get a little wiser, maybe a bit more tired, and a little grey around the edges. While time can be unkind to the face, the love for family and those closest is evergreen. If you need a little fresh Christmas greenery delivered to your home this holiday season, we’ve got a wide selection for you to pick from.

christmas wreath centerpieceGet Your Fresh Christmas Greenery Delivered

Appalachian Evergreens hand makes and hand designs all of our Christmas greenery with our own evergreens cut from the tree farm we’ve maintained for decades. Only a family owned business like ours knows that the spark of Christmas is present through the unique quality of every family in our great country. Appalachian Evergreens is proud to get you your fresh Christmas greenery delivered year after year.

Whether you’re looking for a simple wreath purchase, a Christmas tree, or some more decorative pieces like a mantle decoration our team can get the job done for you. For your own home or for you colleagues, or friends, every offering we display on our site is easily purchased in gift form.

The Evergreens and In Between

You won’t find a more meticulous group of caring and gifted Christmas decor creators anywhere else. The appreciation for the evergreens is a part of living in the Appalachians, and our company has evergreen in their hearts. Every customer that purchases decorations from Appalachian Evergreens is guaranteed satisfaction, because we hand tailor every order.

Contacting us to find out more or place your order is easy, especially if you want to order your fresh Christmas greenery delivered. The business of creating Christmas is not ours alone, but we’re happy to help. You can call us at 828.264.1609 or reach us online through our contact form.  Whatever you need, you’ll find it with Appalachian Evergreens.