Fresh Wreaths Delivered

Get your fresh wreaths delivered from Appalachian Evergreens and start seeing why so many people from all over trust us every year. We deliver the quality that you won’t find in the department stores or anywhere else. The best method to make memories this Christmas season is to tailor the aesthetic with fresh wreaths delivered. Every home that you visit is different, so why shouldn’t your Christmas be hand made and unique as well?

christmas wreath deliveryFresh Wreaths Delivered

Our wreaths are cut from fresh evergreens that we grow ourselves. The entire process has a human touch, save for hauling the logs of course. We believe in delivering quality in quantity, which is why we’ve sustained our family run business for decades. There’s no better business to go with if you’re looking for fresh wreaths delivered to your door.

Appalachian evergreens produces a wide variety of other products as well, including personalized gift messages and even honey cured ham for you or your family and friends. Get the best in the business with Appalachian Evergreens. We dedicate ourselves to providing a service people can count on, and that means human hands must touch every product we send out.

Appalachian Evergreen

For eighty-eight years our decorations have been tailor cut and hand made to ensure quality. The knowledge of how to grow a tree and cut it right may seem simple in practice, but there’s a lot to be perfected over eight decades. That’s the reason our business has sustained so long, and our decorations are so sought after. The easy answer for your Christmas needs is here with us at Appalachian Evergreens.

You can contact us over the phone to begin your order, or if you just have some questions about your options at 828.264.1609. If you’d like to sign up for our newsletter you can do so below, and use our contact form to get in touch with us over the website.